Marriage at Christ Church

Prayers of the People

Here is a selection of prayers from which you should choose two or three for inclusion in your Order of Service. The first prayer you choose should be a prayer for the bride and groom. The prayers can either be led by a person or persons of your choosing or by the presiding priest.

a. For faithfulness

God of all grace,
friend and companion,
look in favour on      and      ,
and all who are made one in marriage.
In your love deepen their love,
strengthen their wills
to keep the promises they have made,
that they may continue
in life-long faithfulness to each other;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

b. For children

Lord of life,
you shape us in your image,
and by your gracious gift
the human family is increased.
To       and      
grant the blessing of children.
Fill them with wisdom and love
as they care for their family,
so that they and their children
may know and love you,
through your Son Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

c. For an existing family

God of all grace and goodness,
we thank you for this new family,
and for everything parents and children have to share;
by your Spirit of peace draw them together
and help them to be true friends to one another.
Let your love surround them
and your care protect them,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

d. For grace to live well

Faithful God,
giver of all good things,
give       and      
wisdom and devotion
in the ordering of their life together.
May they dwell together in love and peace
all the days of their life,
seeking one another’s welfare,
bearing one another’s burdens,
and sharing one another’s joys;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

e. For discipleship

Eternal God,
without your grace nothing is strong, nothing is sure.
Strengthen       and      
with patience, kindness, gentleness,
and all other gifts of the Holy Spirit,
so that they may fulfil the vows they have made.
Keep them faithful to each other and to you.
Fill them with such love and joy
that they may build a home of peace and welcome.
Make their life together a sign of Christ’s love in this broken world,
that unity may overcome estrangement,
forgiveness heal guilt,
and joy conquer despair;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

f. For the families of the couple

Gracious Lord,
bless the parents and families of
that they may grow in love and friendship.
Grant that, as they have witnessed these vows today,
they may find their lives enriched and strengthened
and their loyalties confirmed.  Amen. 

g. For the healing of memory

Loving God,
you are merciful and forgiving.
Grant that those who are suffering the hurts of the past
may experience your generous love.
Heal their memories, comfort them,
and send them all from here
renewed and hopeful.  Amen.

h. For the joy of companionship

All praise and blessing to you, God of love,
creator of the universe,
maker of man and woman in your likeness,
source of blessing for married life.
All praise to you, for you have created
courtship and marriage,
joy and gladness,
feasting and laughter,
pleasure and delight.
May your blessing come in full upon
      and      .
May they know your presence
in their joys and in their sorrows.
May they reach old age in the company of friends
and come at last to your eternal kingdom.  Amen.

i. For the Couple

God of tenderness and strength,
you have brought the paths of
      and        together and led them to this day;
go with them now as they travel through good times,
through trouble, and through change.
Bless their home, their partings and their meetings.
Make them worthy of one another’s best,
and tender with one another’s dreams.  Amen.


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